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Recycling Led Waste Management

Perrys Recycling can provide a complete recycling service for segregated cardboard, paper, polythene film, rigid plastics, metal, wood and WEEE items.

We can provide a range of internal and external storage and bulking containers to suit customers individual needs and volumes. These containers can be exchanged on demand or with a scheduled collection service to your needs.

Grades We Can Recycle

Closed loop recycling is sustainable for segregated grades, supplying Recycling Mills with essential recyclables, (approved to EN643 quality standards). Recycling is a resource that can be used again and again, promoting your company’s strategy towards NET ZERO.



polythene film

Polythene Film


Corrugated Cardboard

rigid plastics

Rigid Plastics

scrap metal


Euro palette


WEEE equipment

WEEE – Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Flourescent bulb

Fluorescent Tubes

Glass bottles





Food Tins & Drinks Cans

Plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles

Some of the business sectors we work with





Containers, Compactors and Balers

Office Containers

Used in conjunction with Perrys Recycling Bags.

Recycling bags

Pre-paid Recycling Bags

For the segregated collection of,
non-confidential paper, food and drinks cans, plastic bottles and polythene. Mixed plastic strapping, label waste and vending cups for an additional fee.

102cm x 46cm
20kg if paper records

Paper bin

Cardboard Carton

Used in conjunction with Perrys Recycling Bags with colour coded lid stickers for paper, plastic bottles, food tins and drinks cans.

70cm (H) 40cm (W) 30cm (D)
Approx. 90 Litres

1100 Wheeled Bin Drop Front

1100L Storage Bin – with Drop Door

Ideal for storage of bagged recyclables and shredding sacks.

135cm (H) 136cm (W) 108cm (D)
Bag Capacity
Approx. 30 bags
Approx. 400kg


Envirobin 55

Sturdy plastic bins for general office recycling. 

Suitable for plastic bottles, drinks cans and paper.

66cm (H), 30cm (W) 52cm (D)
55 Litres

Mid-range Bin

Envirobin 82

Sturdy plastic bins for general office. 

Suitable for plastic bottles, drinks cans and paper.

86cm (H), 30cm (W) 54cm (D)
82 Litres


Envirobin 100

Sturdy plastic bins for general office recycling. 

Suitable for plastic bottles, drinks cans, paper and vending cups.

80cm (H), 40cm (W) 40cm (D)
100 Litres

Slim Jim bin

Slim Bin

A robust bin with interchangeable lids. Ideal for walkways or grouped together. 

76cm (H), 59cm (W), 27cm (D)
70 Litres

Eco Cup Bin

Eco Cup Bin

Plastic bin designed for the collection of vending cups.

Used in conjunction with Perrys Recycling Bags.

80cm (H), 47.5cm (D), 49cm (W)
40 Litres

Glass Caddy

Glass Caddy Bin

Glass caddy for kitchen areas. 

Contents decanted by you into 240L/glass stillage for collection.

51cm (H), 41cm (D), 41cm (W)
40 Litres

240 litre bin

240L Wheeled Bin

107cm (H), 58cm (W), 70cm (D)
100kg (if paper)

1100L Wheeled Bin

1100L Wheeled Bin

Ideal for storage of cardboard.

135cm (H) 136cm (W) 108cm (D)
Approx. 100kg

Glass stillage

Glass Stillage

Mixed glass bottles and jars only, with all residues rinsed out. 

No Pyrex, sheet glass or ceramics.

Collection frequencies to match your requirements.

Container types available:

  • Wheeled bin – 240 Litres
  • Glass Stillage
  • RORO

Commercial Containers

Bag holder

Perforated Polythene Bags – 50 Bags

For the collection of polythene and shrink-wrap.


Holder for Perforated Polythene Bags

Tubular metal-framed bag holder to hold our perforated polythene bags.

107cm (H), 48cm (W), 52cm(D)

1100 litre bin with no dropdown

1100 Litre Storage Bin – without Drop Door

Lockable bin for the collection of brown corrugated cardboard.

1350mm (H) 1360mm (W) 1080mm (D)
Bag Capacity
Approx. 30 bags
Approx. 400kg

14 cubic yard bin

14 Cubic Yard REL Bin

For storage and collection of brown corrugated cardboard.

Polythene, bagged in our perforated bags, collected at same time.

Bin supplied rent-free if collection schedule 1/2/3/4 weekly.

1.8m (H), 3.6m (L), 1.8m (W)
10.7m3, equivalent to approx. 10 x 1100 litre bins


Roro Bin – Open Top or Security Closed Top

A range of external storage and bulking containers e.g. open top, secure closed top, to suit needs and volumes

2.4m (H), 2.4m (W), 6.1m (L)

RORO compactor bin

Roro Compactor Bin

Enclosed roll on roll off fully sealed bin to be used in conjunction with compaction machine for collection of higher compacted tonnages, reducing collection frequencies.

Can vary but typically 2.095m (H), 2.800m (W), 6.100m (L)
Can vary but typically 40-45 cubic yards

Commercial Solutions


Semi Automatic Hand Fed Baler

Horizontal baler ideal for businesses processing large volumes of segregated recyclables, including cardboard, paper, rigid plastic and plastic film. Typically used in factories and distribution centres and ideally suited where vertical presses are too labour intensive to handle the volumes.


TC200 Twin Chamber Baler

A twin chamber baler with extended rams meaning that it can handle high volumes of cardboard and plastic as well as PET bottles, cans and general waste. Twin chambers offer an efficient way of separating different materials before baling. Baler twine required.

2.471m (H), 3.06m (W), 1.11m (D)

2 x 200kg, depending on material used.

550 Baler

550 Baler

Mill size baler, ideal for medium to large amounts of recyclable material. Small footprint, with vertical sliding door. Baler wire required.

3.32m (H), 2.04m (W), 1.25m (D)

500kg, depending on material used.

Compactor with extractor

Air feed Compactor

Compactor fed with cardboard trim or printer’s trim by air movement system direct from the production line, saving time and labour.


Wheeled Bin Fed Compactors

Compactor fed with segregated recyclables, including cardboard, paper and plastic film by 1100 litre wheeled bin tipper fitted to the compactor unit. The bin tipper system can be used in conjunction with air fed systems, providing a flexible system maximising automation and convenient use of wheeled bins around the factory.

Artic Curtain Side Trailer

Artic Curtain Side Trailer

Trailer with rigid roof and rear doors and sides of PVC curtains which can be drawn back for easy loading.

4.4m (H), 2.5m (W), 13.71m (L)

WEEE Symbol png

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Services

Under the Persistent Organic Pollutants Regulations 2007, the waste management options of wastes containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are strictly controlled. 

POPs may be present in the plastic casings, cables and printed circuit boards of WEEE. 

It is illegal to recycle or reuse these POPs containing materials or components. POP containing WEEE must be destroyed (or irreversibly transformed) by subsequent waste management activities through our WEEE Hazardous Recycling Service.


Following changes in guidance, the Environment Agency position is that unless an assessment shows that the item does not contain POPs, the precautionary route shall be taken that the WEEE contains POPs and is therefore hazardous. Therefore, unless you are able to provide us with the manufacturers data sheet or a chemist’s report confirming that the chemical composition does not contain POPs, all WEEE will be classed as hazardous and charged accordingly.

Perry Recycling has secured destruction and transformation routes to ensure compliance with legislation for both WEEE containing POPs and WEEE not containing POPs. The processes extract the POPs containing materials thereby maximising the recycling of the resultant WEEE components.

Battery Recycling Bucket

Battery Bucket

Only available if using another recycling or shredding service.

5 Litre battery bucket for dry-cell batteries.
Collection frequencies to match your requirements.

19cm (H), 22cm (W), 23cm (D)


Tube Container

Fluorescent Tube Container

Only available if using another recycling or shredding service.

Fluorescent tube container with carrying handles, suitable for indoor and outdoor storage. Collection frequencies to match your requirements.

25cm (W) x 2.44m (L) x 25cm (H)

Approx. 100 slimline tubes or 50 T12’s

WEEE Collection

WEE Stillage or Pallet

Computer base, keyboards, telephones, fax machines, mouse, monitors, laptops etc.  

Following changes in guidance from the Environment Agency, all items will be treated as hazardous. For more information click here.

121cm (L), 101cm (W), 86cm (H)


Baled & Palletised Collection

We can offer a multi-grade collection service throughout the South West for baled and palletised recyclable grades. For large volume collections we can pay fair spot market values, or for regular tonnage we can index-link values. A reliable collection service with open book fair payments, provides customers assurance and environmental compliance.

Regular Collection Service

A weekly, fortnightly or monthly service is available for the collection of cardboard and paper. Perforated polythene bags can be collected for free with our cardboard collection service.
Perrys Recycling Bags are collected for free if 10 bags of paper are collected at the same time.

One-off or On-demand Collections

Collection frequencies can be arranged to match your requirements.
We can provide a range of external storage and bulking containers (e.g. open top, secure closed top), to suit customers individual needs and volumes. These containers are for the storage of segregated recyclables and can be exchanged on demand or with a scheduled collection service to your needs.

Balers & Compactors

Balers and compaction systems can be purchase or rented to suite customers needs and volumes.

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Service Area We Cover

Perrys collection service covers the South West, although subject to transport rounds.

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